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What is a First Look?

10. July 2022  /  Bodas, Curiosidades

The first time that the bride and groom see each other at the wedding, it is one of the most exciting moments of the ceremony. The previous minutes are tension and nerves. All eyes are focused on the groom, who eagerly expects to see his partner arrive.

That is the first look. It is about capturing the moment when the bride and groom, alone, are seen for the first time. Moments before the link takes place, the couple gather in a secluded spot to see each other before anyone else. This will be your last date as a boyfriend.

In the minutes of the first look, the bride and groom are alone or accompanied only by the closest family. Ups, I'm sorry. I forgot another indispensable witness, the photographer, who discreetly witnessed the scene to capture the emotions of the moment.

It seems beautiful to me. The couple alone, seeing already dressed and ready, in privacy. And for the wedding photographers is a Candy momento to immortalize that first look, the photos are SPECTACULAR.

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