7 creative ways to take advantage of the rain on your wedding day.

Rain forecast for your wedding day?

Calm down! It's okay, there's always a solution.

In this post I give you 7 original ideas to organize a wedding with rain.

1. Gift umbrella

It will be a detail, if at the exit of the ceremony you give an umbrella to your guests.

You can personalize them with the names and date of your wedding.

And for you, use an umbrella of the same tone or fabric of your dress. Even a transparent umbrella will make the photos spectacular.

2.Heel Protectors

If you are going to make the cocktail in a garden, give your guests a heels cover to not sink into the grass.

3.Makeup and Hairdressing

Look for a hairstyle that doesn't ruin the rain. In this case a pickup will be the best option.

And with the makeup, keep in mind that if you get wet your makeup remains intact.

4.Floral Decoration

If you are going to decorate the entrance of the ceremony with flowers, tell the florists to move the decoration inside, so it won't spoil.

5.Your wedding dress

Although most wedding dresses have a ribbon on their bottom to be able to pick it up, make sure your wedding dress has that little gum.

Talk to the store managers to show you the best way to pick up your dress.

6.The groom's car

If you want to get to the ceremony in a convertible car, sure that the hood works and is waterproof.

Also, have another covered car prepared to avoid last minute contingencies.

7.Wedding Banquet

If you plan to celebrate outdoor cocktail or banquet, a good solution is to resort to tents or awnings...

Nowadays there are many models and they are equipped equal or better than any room.

Make sure that the sides can be picked up and that the distance between the kitchen area and the tent is covered.


Don't let a rainy day tarnish your wedding. You have a lot of options with these tricks

An besides, the photos in the rain give a bohemian and romantic air that not all the brides can have.

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Before you go, tell me.

Have you ever attended any wedding on rainy day? Did they offer you any original details?

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