Important dates in your wedding planner

To have all the wedding preparations under control, I advise you to have several appointments scheduled in advance. 

Get a nice schedule and plan your wedding in detail.

will be a success!

Wedding dress

Before going to choose your wedding dress, I recommend that you visit several blogs and magazines specializing in fashion for brides.

Have selected several models according to your style and your personality before you go to your first date.

This way it will be easier for you to find the dress you've always dreamed of.

(if you wide the photos, you will see the web of the designer of each dress)

Wedding ring

Book a day on the calendar to go to the jewellery with your partner.

The first of all will be to decide the design. If you like classic alliances the choice will be quick.

Instead if you want to innovate with alliances that get out of the traditional, today there are countless forms and models.

You can also personalize them with a engraving that is special for you.

Makeup and Hairdressing

Talk to the beauty salon to arrange various makeup and hairdressing tests. 

It´s important that the makeup and the chosen hairstyle, feel comfortable for been yourself.

Busca un recogido que parezca de lo más natural y si en tu día a día no te excedes con el maquillaje, tampoco lo hagas en el día de tu boda.

Don't forget to book your wedding date for your most special guests at the beauty salon.

And if you want to surprise them even more during that day, you can hire a makeover service and hairstyle during your wedding day, so that you and your guests continue radiant until the end of the party.

Wedding guests

Send your friends and family wedding invitations several months before the wedding day.

Remember your guests a few months in advance to confirm your attendance. This way you can go organizing the banquet tables.

And don't forget to plan the details you'll give to your friends and family on the wedding day.


When choosing the dishes from the menu, I advise you to consider the pre-banquet cocktail. 

Will be a shame and a waste of money that after an exquisite and abundant welcome cocktail, your guests leave almost intact the dishes of the menu.

Today there are countless possibilities. You can plan a tasting menu with a greater variety of dishes but less abundant, a lighter cocktail, or even a dinner for guests with greater appetite.


Make a hole in your schedule to talk to the Dj about musical styles, length of the party and how the animation will be during that day.

If you want your guests to get excited during the most symbolic moments of the ceremony, put a special song for them.

During the cocktail celebration your guests will start to cheer up if you organize a chill out style ambient music session.

In addition, if you plan with the company in charge of the musical animation a repertoire of special songs for the most emotional moments of the banquet (like the delivery of the bouquets to the mothers or some detail to a special guest), you will manage to remove some tear to the guests.


Before you book the wedding date, you must decide the style of photography more consistent with your personality.

Once you have clear the photographer, I advise that before signing the contract you have a meeting with the photographer and several meetings before the wedding day (as much as Skype, or in person).

In this way the trust and complicity will be greater on the day of the wedding.

The engagement reports are another way to take confidence and complicity with the photographer. It's also important to scare off the camera and it's worth training for the wedding day session.

In addition, those would be your last photos of boyfriends before starting the new road.

Deiane Unamuno


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Deiane Unamuno

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