I´m Deiane and my love of photography comes from little girl. 

I define photography as a feeling. The real art is behind every image, every person and every moment.

After years working and forming in the best schools in Spain photography, I began to tell stories through the viewfinder of my camera.

Weddings have evolved, and photography also. I don’t work with clients, I work with people. People full of worries, ambitions and above all, of much love. I don’t do two jobs the same, because no couple is equal to another.

I love my job, so I have a huge respect for it.

Creativity is essential. We squeeze our imagination to the fullest to make your wedding report unique and unrepeatable.

Any other detail of your wedding may go unnoticed, go away and not come back. But the photographs of your wedding will be the memory you keep for life. Moments that keep your emotions.

I’m just asking you to stop for a minute to think about how you’ll feel when you see your photos in ten, twenty or thirty years. Because that’s definitely the value of your memories.

Hopefully after reading this, we can work together to make your wedding as natural, fun and memorable as possible. I’m looking forward to getting to know your story. Started?. Contact me.

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